Monday, April 8, 2019

Swedish Hasbeens – Footwear for the Future!


The hottest shoe craze in the world of fashion this season might be a has-been, but it’s here to stay – yes you heard me! Swedish Hasbeens are a wonderful fusion of clogs and sandals that are so fun and trendy they could only have come out of Scandinavia!

This latest foot fetish for Hasbeens has hit our shores just in time for the summer season.

These shoes revamp the feminine classic, with rounded toes and high wooden heels that add lift and bestow gorgeously slender legs on every wearer. Swedish Hasbeens are set to be a staple in many a woman’s wardrobe, perfect for wearing with flirtatious numbers and printed cotton dresses, and in a range of pastel and metallic shades to die for.

Swedish Hasbeens – Footwear for the Future!

The increasing popularity of Swedish Hasbeens in recent years shows how they have recaptured fashion’s imagination forty years after they were worn by a woman who owned 300 of these shoes.

The Swedish Hasbeen brand has now lovingly re-crafted these designs to bring something retro yet stylish to today’s otherwise monotonous world of shoes.

The great thing about Hasbeens is that these shoes aren’t merely designed as a quick knock-off to feed a fast-and-ready fashion-hungry market. Each pair of Swedish Hasbeens is still hand-produced for that totally authentic Swedish look that will keep your feet comfy and happy.

Even better, there’s a pair of Hasbeens for every style and occasion: opt for the girly strappy sandals in low, mid or extra high wooden heels, as seen on Sarah Jessica Parker; or go casual with open-backed mules in high wooden heels, perfect with shorts or a mini skirt, like the Olsen twins.

Swedish Hasbeens also experiment with boots and other footwear, so you can carry on your summer fling throughout the year.

Swedish Hasbeens are here to stay, and, let’s face it, we needed someone to bring a bit of originality back to the world of shoes and a whole lot of love back to the feet!

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