Monday, April 8, 2019

How Much Effort Do You Put Into Your Style?


Most of us enjoy the perfect excuse to dress up and spend a little time in front of the mirror. Yet some people take it a bit far, while others don’t take it far enough!

How Much Effort Do You Put Into Your Style?

Dressing up should be a chance to capture that magic of putting on a new dress, trying that latest style and letting the world see you in a new light.

It’s not uncommon, however, to find people donning their usual night-on-the-town style, complete with tiny dress, stilettos, hair extensions and fake eyelashes, for an ordinary day at the office.

Not only is this time-consuming for a 9am start – day after day it gets costly too!

The classic work style should show your sassy, presentable side with office-chic tailored shirts, skirts and dresses that honour, yet do not expose your curves; or high-waisted power trousers with a loosely gathered top.

Your work wardrobe should look effortless yet powerful and hint at what style tips you’ve got hidden away for the weekend.

The problem with continuously pulling out all the stops for a day at the office is that your colleagues get used to seeing you at your best, minimising those ‘wow’ moments, and putting pressure on you to look immaculate all the time.

Meanwhile, many of us spend our spare time hiding our best assets away in baggy hoodies and even onesies, which should be kept behind doors! While there is a whole side of fashion devoted to casual-chic that’s no excuse to go with the easy option.

You can easily dress-up laid-back looks without trying too hard by simply pairing skinny jeans with heeled ankle boots and a loose t-shirt. Messy hair can work to your advantage too if you’re sporting this look by adding boho-ooph à la Kate Moss.

Keep your glamorous self for that work’s meal or out-of-hours event, when you can truly enjoy ‘letting your hair down’ in front of your colleagues with that latest bodycon dress and the newest style trends you’ve been dying to try out.

Live for your weekend wardrobe when you can dress how you want when it really counts!

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