Monday, April 8, 2019

Summer Hats!


If you are in the mood for celebration, here you have a very good reason: the summer is finally (and officially) here since last week.

After a long and pretty dreadful winter, the summer is more than welcome by all of us. The arrival of summer also means that it is time to put away all those heavy jumpers and winter coats and replace them with light and flowy clothes in bright colours that match the weather.

Summer Hats!

Summer is the perfect season to polish your accessorising skills too: handbags, sunglasses, big and bold jewellery pieces, and silk scarves can all work to perfection when it comes to defining your unique summer style.

And hats, do not forget hats.

We tend to look at summer hats as something we would wear while on holiday or when going to the beach, but in fact, hats are incredibly charming fashion accessories.

And while it is true that the forecasts predict a rather wet and cool summer, you do not need to wait for soaring temperatures in order to top your outfit of the day with a lovely hat. To sum it up in two words: summer hats are sexy and functional!

There have been a few hints that pointed at hats as a key trend this summer.

We saw them at several collections that were presented during the last London Fashion Week, where the iconic Yves Saint Laurent “chapeau” made an appearance on the catwalk.

This hat style is perfect for a day out at the park or for a walk along the seaside, as its design is functional, romantic, and suits most faces.

A great variation of the YSL hat is the oversized floppy straw hat, which you can find with some cute patterns too (so that they don’t look too “beachy”).

Fedora hats are a classic that you simply must have in your wardrobe. This summer, go for a straw fedora with a splash of colour, such as beads or ribbons. This is a great addition to a casual but stylish look.

This season, summer hats are a winner, so get yours and show it off.

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