Monday, April 8, 2019

Snapback In Time


Anyone brought up in the 90s will associate snapback caps with the carefree antics of the Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff. But two decades later these retro caps are making a comeback.

Although undoubtedly a momentary trend, for the time being these caps are snapping back in ultimate style!

Snapback In Time

Snapback caps have come a long way since the denim and tie-dye days of the fun-loving 90s. The caps that are in fashion today are capitalising on all-out bling, with embellished snapbacks becoming not only an urban status symbol but a boutique treasure.

You can’t browse a fashion blog without seeing photos of celebrities adorning themselves with these jazzed-up fashion must-haves.

With Beyoncé, Madonna and Rihanna all making regular appearances in these hats it’s no wonder they’re so popular.

And it isn’t only the women who are up for some glitzy retro action –men are also taking to statement snapbacks complete with spikes and chains. You can even find specially designed snapbacks for an army of teen Beliebers!

No longer just a way to keep your head dry; the snapbacks of 2013 are pieces of art. Available in anything from PVC to leopard print, and embellished with as much detail as possible, snapbacks are a hive of glitter, diamantes, jewels, rhinestones and studs, representing a range of styles from floral feminine to punk-metal.

Just take a look at handmade boutiques such as Etsy and you can’t help but notice fashion designers are going all out to create snapbacks that bit different. Whether you prefer funky slogans created from a range of materials and embellished with bows and buttons, or the more hard-edged metallic and spikes look, snapbacks can even be custom-made to show off your unique side.

Although statement snapbacks are a cool fad for the time being, such bling designs will inevitably fade.

However, for 2013 these snapbacks are bringing rock n roll glamour to the original urban accessory – and some fun to fashion!

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