Monday, April 8, 2019

On Trend: Classic Preppy Watches


Preppy watches are certainly on trend, so it’s no surprise that brands such a Daniel Wellington are more than popular and their quality watches can be seen all over Instagram and Lookbook.

The preppy look is definitely not something new, but there was a time where all blinged out watches where on trend that were far more than eye catchers.

On Trend: Classic Preppy Watches

Nowadays it’s all about classic timeless pieces that can transition from day to night and work with different kind of outfits.

A luxurious leather strap or sporty stripy strap is the once to go with in terms of stylish watches and there’s no need to empty your pockets for loads and loads of crystals or embellishments, because less is more with watches.

As you can see from the pictures above, colour wise your choices are endless.

Although many people prefer a gold, silver, brown or black watch to add that classic touch to an outfit, you can also go for candy colours or navy blue, white or red strips.

I personally prefer rather large, but not over the top index that fills up most of your wrist. However if you prefer a preppy watch that’s slitghtly more petite, than you will find a lot of gorgeous pieces as well!

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