Monday, April 8, 2019

Monochrome Print and Patterns Trends 2014/2015


It’s no secret that monochrome designs have been more than popular with designers and high street brands lately.

There’s something edgy and fun about an all black and white outfit and although outfits consisting of solid black and white pieces are totally chic, what really makes an eye-catching outfit are monochrome print and patterns.

There are several black and white prints that are center of attention not just with designers and celebrities but also bloggers worldwide. For one there are stripes. An oversized striped blouse is a staple piece that creates a casual, stylish look when paired with a pair of skinny jeans. Also a bodycon midi skirt with a horizontal stripe print will show of your curves and make you appear longer.

Monochrome Print and Patterns Trends 2014/2015

Monochrome polka dots are also totally on trend and combine flintiness with a modern twist. Especially black dots on white background are popular lately, as they look more casual and edgy then small white dots on black background.

Another huge trend are thin lines that form a checked pattern. This print especially stands out on blazers and cigarette pants and looks perfectly geometric. Speaking of geometric shapes, any monochrome geometrical print is totally hot right now. Big bold lines and shapes in black and white look modern and artsy and make up for wearable as well as stand out pieces.

I can imagine seeing much more black and white patterns surfacing, as they just naturally look classy and cool and are super easy to style. For example monochrome flower print could be the next big thing for spring/summer. What do you see coming up next and are you also obsessed with monochrome patterns?

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