Monday, April 8, 2019



Carrying us through Summer are the bright whites and jet blacks of this seasons key look.

With gorgeous prints, stripes and checks taking centre stage, monochrome isn’t just about panelling and block colour. Celebrities everywhere are donning the black and white uniform and hitting the streets, showing us how it should and shouldn’t be done.


Monochrome is the most classic and chic look of the moment.

Dark against light is a timeless look for a reason; it is super flattering and suits everyone. It can be as daring or as restraint as you like. Whether you chose to throw a striped blazer over a little black dress or dip yourself head-to-toe in a chequered catsuit, one of the best things about monochrome is that you probably own a number of key pieces already.

Before you rush out to the hit the shops, have a look through your wardrobe and pull out anything black or white. These items can be paired with a couple of new pieces to be bang on-trend without costing you a small fortune.

Mix it up!
One of the key themes of this season is layering. Mix and match contrasting fabrics such as velvet and satin, leather and silk to form a unique monochrome textured look.

Bold prints teamed with stripes, polka-dots with black lace, leather leggings and cosy cashmere tops – this look is perfect for fusing together different pieces without looking like you got dressed in the dark.

Seen everywhere from the catwalks of Paris to the Duchess of Cornwall, monochrome is set to see us through the summer months right up to the autumn. If you can’t wait that long for a touch of colour, add a splash of bright red lipstick or a gorgeous pair of neon heels to really set the monochrome look ablaze.

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