Monday, April 8, 2019

Freeletics: Unleash Your Potential


Have you heard of the Freeletics hype?

Here’s a definition: The core of Freeletics is a set of predefined high-intensity workouts. All workouts are bodyweight only. You always do them as fast as you can. They only take between 5 and 45min.

So I tried this yesterday for the first time with a friend and I thought I was going to die! I want to be honest here; this is definitely the hardest workout I have ever tried. I can’t even put in words the muscle soreness I am feeling right now.

However, here are some great advantages of  freeletics:

  1. It’s for free!
  2. The workouts are short and intense.
  3. You can do it at home or outside
  4. You can do it alone or with fellow freeletic friends 

Freeletics: Unleash Your Potential

Freeletics is a great way to form and define your body.

The respective exercises are quite easy to learn and veeeery intense. They are extremely effective in helping you lose weight and build muscles.

Of course it is really important that you watch what you eat as well. If you check the internet for freeletics pics you will find some really impressive results. If you stick to the routine I promise you will see your body change.

You can get the free beginners workout plan by installing the lite Freeletics app for iOS and Android devices. The app covers the free workout plans. This training program will definitely push you to your limits, but it is really worth it!

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