Monday, April 8, 2019

Fabric Trend : Neoprene


Every season you’ll see a whole lot of different trends: from the hottest print, the coolest cuts to the most stylish colour combination of the season. 

Fabric Trend : Neoprene

Besides that there is also normally a fabric trend, like for example lace, velvet or or faux fur. This A/W the fabric trend is for sure neoprene!

That soft, lightweight fabric that makes you think of summer, surfers and wet suits has taken the autumn winter collections by storm.

Neoprene is definitely not something completely new in the fashion industry; Balanciaga as well as Alexander McQueen started experimenting with the fabric in 2004, but now that neoprene has also arrived in high-street stores it’s official that neoprene is here to stay.

I’ve been telling you about the Alexander Wang X H&M collection in an earlier post, so by now you know that I love the collection.

The collection was a huge success and very popular, probably also due to its rich fabrics and guess what fabric they used a lot? Neoprene!

Okay okay the neoprene in the Wang collection is actually synthetic and not real neoprene, but who can actually tell the difference, it looks and feels stunning.

Neoprene makes clothing look a whole lot more edgy and gives it a great structure. Especially oversize pieces look great in neoprene and will keep you warm and cozy on a cold winter day!

Do you have a neoprene piece already, or are you thinking for getting one?

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