Monday, April 8, 2019

Clashing Prints


Clashing prints have been worn by celebrities and seen on catwalk shows for at least a couple of years.

This season, clashing prints are here to stay and to add a vibrant touch of sophistication and a splash of vitality to your wardrobe. What is more, this fashion pattern can be the perfect antidote to this year’s long and bleak winter season.

However, we must admit that this style is as eye-catching as it is tricky to wear, and it is not hard to imagine how easy it is to get it wrong. If you want to give a go at this season’s trend of clashing prints and pull it off with confidence and style, read on for some useful tips.

Contrasting prints: dos and don’ts
When it comes to wearing this season’s printed patterns in style, there is only one word that you need to remember: simplicity.

Clashing Prints

Of course, part of the fun about this fashion trend is to mix and match different prints, but that does not mean that all other fashion rules should be overridden.

Always combine garments whose base colours go together, so that your overall style has an harmonious touch. Also, choosing printed patterns that have different sizes can help you draw attention to your curves, as long as the largest prints are worn in the areas that you wish to highlight. Lastly, use accessories to help you tone down your clashing prints outfit or to create a truly daring look (think animal print stockings or heels, floral scarves, and ethnic jewellery).

As for the don’ts, the key is to not overdo this style, as wearing more than two garments with clashing prints increases the chances of ruining the look. You should also pay attention to the fabrics and avoid mixing heavy and flowing printed garments.

Whatever you do, do not be afraid of experimenting. By following these simple rules, you can make clashing prints work for you too!

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