Thursday, April 11, 2019

Balenciaga Wrist Watches That Resemble Belts


Balenciaga, the famous luxury brand brings its latest and very interesting limited-edition watch collection.

Balenciaga Wrist Watches That Resemble Belts

For those, who want to be fashionable throughout the year, must stock up with Balenciaga’s belt-like watches.

These are stunning designer watches which look like belts. These are inspired by Cristobal Balenciaga’s historical clock and make a bold fashion statement. Balenciaga belt watches features thick strap, over sized buckles in steal and straps in leather.

These statement pieces are available in three colors- black, brown and Grey.

Balenciaga belt-like watches have unique and very impressive circle face on rectangular plate. There are only 1000 watches, so hurry up and get ready to buy these amazing watches for loved ones as Christmas gift.

Balenciaga limited-edition belt wrist watches are available at with prices ranging from $1,375-$1,445.

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